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Antique Shopping

Many teasures from the past are hidden within this valley. Several antique shops are located within Romney and yard sales seem to be walking distance to each other.

Anderson's Corner

Anderson’s Corner has been in operation since 1983 as a Jewelry, Coins and Fine metals dealer. At our current Romney location, we offer fine jewelry for every occasion and gifts as well as repairs and customization.

Canoe Rentals

Trough river is beautiful and perfect for that escape from the past pace. Whether your looking to canoe for a few hours or if you plan to make it last a few days.

Trough General Store & Canoe Rentals

Fort Edwards 

The Braddock campaign of 1755 against the French at the Forks-of-the-Ohio provided the motivation to build protective structures on the Virginia frontier. One of those structures, called by contemporaries Edwards's Fort, became a vital post in colonial Virginia's plan for the defense of its frontiers. 

Fort Edwards


Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain is protected by The Nature Conservancy and open for visits by small groups of hikers. It is nicknamed "Nature's Ice Box" and "Nature's Refrigerator" owing to its ice vents that release cool air all year long.

Ice Mountain


Indian Mound Cemetery

The Indian Mound, which is 7 feet high and about 15 feet in diameter, is one of the largest remaining mounds in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. This mound has never been excavated but similar mounds of area dug by Smithsonian institution suggest this mound might date between A.D. 500 and 1000, and have been constructed by Hopewellian peoples.

Indian Mound Information


Pliska Winery

The Winery (Robert F. Pliska & Company Winery) is nestled in the foothills between the Appalachian and Allegheny front mountains in the southwestern corner of Hampshire Co., West Virginia.

Contact Information


Potomac Eagle Train

For three hours enjoy a narrated excursion through a tranquil and pristine mountain valley. View historic farms and lush mountain greenery. Around every curve you are rewarded with the splendor of native wildflowers, evergreens, and mixed hardwoods in an unspoiled countryside environment.

Potomac Eagle's website


West Virginia Wildlife

Finding wildlife couldn't be easier! Come out and enjoy nature as it should be.

WVDNR Wildlife Publications


Hunting (Nathanial Mountain)

Public hunting is only a few blocks away! Not into public land hunts? We can point towards finding somewhere else they may fill the need to hunt within.

Hunting Licensing Information

 MAKE A RESERVATION  - 1-304-822-3595

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