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A Special Note

We treat every guest of our motel as an extension of our personal family. As such, we only accept reservations by telephone. This ensures your stay will be the best we can provide you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Large Spacious Rooms
Queen Size Beds
Porch w/ Deck Chairs
Picnic Areas
Free Wi-Fi Access
Microwave Ovens
Coffee Makers
Private Entrances

Charging Stations


We strive to provide each guest with an authentic comfortable stay. Our rates are also something we strongly believe should be affordable. 

2 Beds / 2 People




We charge a nominal fee of $4.00 for each additional person.

1 Bed / 1 Person




All rates are subject to change. All prices listed on our website do not include federal, state, and local taxes that are mandated.

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