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The Koolwink Motel has been a family owned business for 70 years. It first opened its doors to the traveling public as a tourist home in 1936. Nora and Henry Klien rented rooms within their residence, as well as two small cottages.


Proudly Family Owned 


When they retired in 1955, the Koolwink Tourist home was sold at public auction to their great-nephew Wallace Mauk, and his wife Pauline. In August of 1955, Wallace and Pauline moved in and have been owner/operators ever since.


In the late 50s, a long foundation was built. A cottage was placed on each end and units were constructed in the middle. The Koolwink went from four rooms to eight. More units were built in the mid 60s. Then, in the late 60s, the annex building was added on a hill in the woods.


Wallace designed and made drawings for all of the buildings and rooms that were eventually built over the years. He also did the majority of the electrical and plumbing work and supervised all the construction from start to finish.

Over these many years the Mauks have maintained and up-graded to keep up with the times.

At present, the Koolwink Motel is a modern facility with a retro feel. This combination provides a unique experience in travel.


All the motel rooms are cared for as an extention of the Mauk's home. As a result, they are welcoming, comfortable, and exceptionally clean.

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